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Elon Academy summer photos

Nine Elon Academy students participated in a photography class during the summer 2016 session on campus. 

High school student Brenda Gonzalez captured this photo of Veronica Armas during a summer photography class as part of the Elon Academy.

High school student Brenda Gonzalez was among the nine students who participated in a summer photography class as part of the Elon Academy, the university’s college access and success program that brings area high school students to campus for three consecutive summers. 

Gonzalez and her cohort learned from university staff photographer Kim Walker how to make successful images while exploring the power of photography to represent ourselves, create social change and portray our communities. “I have learned to properly take a picture with insight and message rather than just taking quick snapshots that would go on social media,” Gonzalez says. “Fingers trigger a camera, the photo triggers emotion.”

Here is a selection of some of their work.

Keren Rivas,
8/10/2016 4:55 PM