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Journal article highlights findings of Elon chemistry professor's research

Assistant Professor Jen Dabrowski has published a research article on selective conversion of carbohydrates to fine chemicals.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jen Dabrowski has coauthored a research article entitled “Diastereoselective B(CF)-Catalyzed Reductive Carbocyclization of Unsaturated Carbohydrates” in a recent edition of the journal Organic Letters.

Jennifer Dabrowski, assistant professor of chemistry (Kim Walker)

In the article, Dabrowski et al. detailed the discovery of mild conditions for transforming sugar derivatives to complex carbon-based scaffolds, which may be applied to the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. The reactions are promoted by a main group catalyst (boron-derived) and main group reagents (silicon-based). The work is part of a continued effort to develop catalysts for the conversion of biorenewable materials to replace petroleum-derived sources for accessing consumer products.

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8/16/2016 10:10 AM