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Class of 2016 Periclean Scholars publishes book about their journey

 "Our Periclean Journey" dives deep into how the aid world works from partnerships to money and conflict resolution.

The Periclean Scholars Class of 2016 published "Our Periclean Journey: Discovering the World of Humanitarian Aid," the first book of its kind written by the Elon civic engagement group.

Book cover. Photo credit: AnneMarie Grassi

Based on the collective and individual experiences of the 2016 cohort, "Our Periclean Journey" dives deep into how the aid world works from partnerships to money and conflict resolution. Through their reflections, they offer ways that future cohorts of Pericleans and other students interested in community and international development can create sustainable and effective change to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

During the COR 445 Winter Term capstone designed specifically for the senior class cohort of Periclean Scholars, 19 members of the cohort discussed and wrote about how their academic experiences affected their understanding of humanitarian aid and development. Their blog posts and discussions laid the foundation for the book, its chapters and themes. Three other members traveled to Honduras to work with the cohort’s partner on gender-based violence education with young men. They returned with more insight and reflection on what it means to be a Periclean Scholar and an aid professional.

“Our Periclean Scholars program is constantly growing, learning, and deepening in many ways,” writes Tom Arcaro, director of the Periclean Scholars Program. “And the Class of 2016 took it upon themselves to reflect on and write about their growth. With this book, they will have an impact on future generations of Pericleans and others who are students of development and want to engage in the most mindful and effective manner possible as they work to make this world more just.”

Class of 2016 Periclean Scholars at their People. Planet. Profit. Sustainable Business Summit in Feb. 2016. 

An initiative sponsored by the Eugene Lang Foundation in 2001, Project Pericles challenged 10 colleges and universities to provide a learning experience that will "instill in students an abiding and active sense of social responsibility and civic concern." Elon University accepted the challenge, which fit with the university's stated mission to prepare students to be global citizens and informed leaders and to foster an ethic of work and service. The Periclean Scholars program at Elon University is the only one of its kind at the undergraduate level in the nation. Students from different academic areas of study spend three years learning about humanitarian aid and practicing it with partners on the ground in a country of focus.

"Our Periclean Journey" can be purchased online through Amazon in hardcopy or as an e-book. Those interested in learning more about the program, the book or humanitarian aid can contact Tom Arcaro, professor of sociology or April Post, senior lecturer in Spanish.



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