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Career Moves: Where do you belong? With help, Elon senior navigates the grad school application process

Emma Davidman ’17 found the help she needed at the Student Professional Development Center to successfully navigate the graduate school application process. ​

Emma Davidman '17, an honors fellow majoring Biology who is from Atlanta, GA, aspires to join the medical world. After being accepted into Physician Assistant programs at three institutions, Emma will enter ECU’s Physician Assistant program in 2017.

Emma Davidman ’17 was determined to forge a path to a career in the medical profession. With help from the Student Professional Development Center at Elon, the biology major from Atlanta gained the direction she needed to create a roadmap to success.

After being accepted into physician assistant programs at three institutions, Emma chose to enter into ECU’s Physician Assistant Program. She will continue her journey next fall as she begins her studies in Greenville, N.C.

Davidman is the third person to be featured this year in a series of profiles on the recent experience of students and alumni who work alongside professionals in the Student Professional Development Center to explore career interests, find jobs and internship opportunities, prepare for interviews, develop graduate school application materials, and more.

Tell me about your experience getting accepted into ECU.

Going through the physician assistant program application process was not only daunting, but unfamiliar. The physician assistant profession is quickly becoming a major interest for many college students, but I was basically on my own in determining how and when to apply. Due to my lack of major direction, I spent hours researching schools and requirements and worked to receive more than 1,200 patient-contact hours to make myself the best possible candidate. I knew throughout this process that most physician assistant students do not enter a program straight out of college, largely because receiving the necessary hours is extremely time-consuming, but I was determined to work as hard as needed to get in.

Although I did not know much about the ECU program when I applied, I was overjoyed when I received an interview for the prestigious school. Upon visiting the campus, I immediately fell in love. I could see myself sitting in the classrooms and developing relationships with the students and faculty I met while on site, and I left knowing that the program was where I belonged. Although I interviewed and was accepted at other schools, I felt that I would best fit with the ECU program. Receiving my acceptance to ECU was one of the greatest moments of my life, and I am thrilled to be moving to Greenville next year and beginning the program in the fall.

How did your interest in a medical career develop?

I always knew that I wanted to join the medical world, but I was unsure as to what avenue I would take to do so. To narrow what I wanted for my future profession, I shadowed registered nurses, doctors and physician assistants. Not only did I love my experience with all of the physician assistants that I spent time with, but I truly could see myself working in the extremely fast-paced, teamwork oriented, hands-on field. My aspirations have only grown since my initial encounters with physician assistants, and I am incredibly excited to one day graduate from the ECU program and begin working in the field that I am so passionate about.

What do you hope to gain from the experience?

I hope to gain the educational foundation and interpersonal skills to become an exemplary physician assistant in the future. I have always strived for success both within the academic setting and beyond, and I plan to maintain this drive and determination to make it through some of the most challenging and rewarding years ahead in school.

Who did you work with Student Professional Development Center, to select and apply, and what help did you receive?

I worked with Renè Jackson, the graduate school coordinator, and received help with both my personal statement and with interview tips.

What recommendations would you share with students about the Student Professional Development Center?

The SPDC is an incredible area on campus where students can receive the best possible knowledge and advice on many aspects of their future. If you are questioning what you want to do or how you can get there, visit the SPDC. I guarantee there will be a myriad of incredible individuals ready to help you achieve your goals. 

Owen Covington,
12/16/2016 8:35 AM