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I Am Elon with Dora Muratovic ’19

Accounting major and business fellow Dora Muratovic 19 enjoys the wide variety of courses and experiences shes had so far at Elon. 

Dora Muratovic ’19 welcomes difference. In her two years at Elon, she has been consistently fueled by discovering people, places and topics that are new to her.  

Born in Kosovo, Dora emigrated to the United States with her family when she was a child. She says having the opportunity to pursue success in America is a huge motivator. She wants to honor the sacrifice her parents made by leaving their homeland, making them, and her extended family still in Kosovo, proud of her.

Although she didn’t realize it before arriving on campus, Elon’s liberal arts model suits her well. “Accounting comes to me naturally but other things don’t. At Elon I get to challenge myself by working on the things that don’t come as easily. It’s helping me expand my brain.”

Dora studied abroad in Argentina and Chile with the Business Fellows during her first Winter Term at Elon. The fellows worked with a micro-finance nonprofit, and the experience was transformative for her. “I learned I can make connections with people who I thought were very different from me. To see the relationships I could form with people from different cultures was really eye-opening.”

Part of the Odyssey Program, a merit-based scholarship program for students with financial need, Dora credits the program for bringing her to Elon. “I don’t know where I’d be without it. And hopefully one day I can be one of those donors supporting it.” 

Dora is Elon. Visit www.elon.edu/magazine to see more of her story, part of our 

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By Kim Walker

Keren Rivas,
5/8/2017 4:00 PM