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Senior economics and international economics majors present theses

Twenty-nine students presented individual comprehensive research projects on economic issues.

Seniors majoring in economics or international economics presented research theses to faculty members in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business’ Department of Economics on April 18. 

Holly Brueggman '17 presents "Examining the Impacts of Debt on First-Time Home Buyers" to economics faculty members.

The senior thesis is the culmination of the economics and international economics programs and serves as the students’ required comprehensive evaluation in the major field of study. For this research project, students work individually with a professor to build on work done in previous courses, culminating in a work of presentation quality.

The 2017 theses:

"Tertiary Education and its Impact on Quality of Life: A Cross-Country Analysis"
Tom Bailly (mentor: Vitaliy Strohush)

"The Impact of Mental Health on Wages"
Justin Bellinger (mentor: Steve DeLoach)

"An Analysis of Pennsylvania Charter Schools: Performance and Graduation Rates"
Steve Bendit (mentor: Vitaliy Strohush)

"Import Competition in South Africa: The Effect of the Chinese Manufacturing Shock on the South African Labor Market"
Andrew Brailey (mentor: Andrew Greenland)

"Determinants of Latin American Art Auction Prices"
Danielle M. Brown (mentor: Steve DeLoach)

"Examining the Impacts of Debt on First-Time Home Buyers"
Holly A. Brueggman (mentor: Jennifer Plantania)

"The Impact of Labor Unions on Economic Welfare:  An Analysis of Labor Unions and Economic Development in the United States from 1997-2014"
Jack Cove (mentor: Tonmoy Islam)

"Congestion Makes it Harder to Breathe: Do High-occupancy Toll Lanes Reduce Emissions?"
Ken Crew (mentor: Tonmoy Islam)

"NAFTA and the Real Wages of Hispanic Workers in the United States"
Patrick Dowd (mentor: Andrew Greenland)

"The Effects of States' Expansion of Medicaid on Health Insurance Market Competition"
Seth Gatto (mentor: Steven Bednar)

Amanda Genova '17 presents her thesis, "Pay Discrimination in the Workforce."

"Pay Discrimination in the Workforce"
Amanda Genova (mentor: Tina Das)

"Successful Sports Franchise’s Effects on Their Economy"
Alec Goodman (mentor: Doug Redington)

"TOURNAMENT THEORY IN PROFESSIONAL ATHLETICS: An econometric analysis of the effects of salary structure on team success in American professional athletics"
Nick Groll (mentor: Doug Redington)

"Healthcare Enrollment Trends: A Labor Market Outcome Analysis"
Connor Kilday (mentor: Tonmoy Islam)

"The Impact of Obesity on Job Performance:  An econometric analysis on obesity rates and job performance in the United States"
Paige Lorton (mentor: Tina Das)

"How Different Technology Affects The Cable Industry: A Study of Cable and its Relation to Netflix"
Ryan Lowe (mentor: Gregory Lilly)

"Does illicit drug use and prescription drug abuse during the adolescent years have a negative effect on future wages earned?"
Hadley Lucas (mentor: Casey DiRienzo)

"Relative Income and Self-Assessed Health"
Zachary Lyons (mentor: Steven Bednar)

"The Smoking Wage Gap: Smoking as a Cause vs. a Case of Self-Selection"
Jared Mactas (mentor: Greg Lilly)

"Entrepreneurial Regulation and Activity on the Growth Rates of Economic Productivity"
Demitri Marken (mentor: Jennifer Platania)

"An empirical analysis of student achievement: examining the effects of student financial aid programs and depression among undergraduate students"
Cameron McSorley (mentor: Vitaliy Strohush)

"The Relationship Between Income and the Hospitalization Rates for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions"
Justin Morin (mentor: Katy Rouse)

"Academic Achievement and Graduation Rates of Secondary Education"
Meagan Quigley (mentor: Casey DiRienzo)

"Wage Discrimination in Germany Between Turkish Immigrants and German Natives:  An Empirical Analysis of Labor Market Outcomes of Turkish Immigrants"
Catherine Ray (mentor: Steve DeLoach)

"The Factors that Influence the Wage Gap between Native and Non-native Workers in the United States’ Agriculture Sector"
Nicholas Rhyne (mentor: Brandon Sheridan)

"State Legislatures and their Impact on the Enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for Households and Individuals"
Nicholas Suarez (mentor: Steven Bednar)

"Economic Sanctions and Their Effect on Trade:  An Empirical Analysis"
Corey Theiss (mentor: Tina Das)

"Effects of Adolescent Physical Activity on Future Obesity Outcomes"
Andrew Van Hoof (mentor: Katy Rouse)

"Exploring the Relationship Between Tourism Receipts and Terrorism Rates"
David Wallach (mentor: Casey DiRienzo)

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5/15/2017 11:35 AM