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Elon Music Theatre 2017 graduate lands Broadway show three days after graduation

Three days after graduation in May, Music Theatre alumnus JJ Niemann ’17 found out that he would be joining the Broadway cast of ‘The Book of Mormon.’

JJ NIemann '17 is joing the cast of the Broadway show, "The Book of Mormon."

After graduation on May 20 from Elon University’s BFA Music Theatre program, JJ Niemann ’17 traveled to New York City for a final callback for "The Book of Mormon." Monday, May 22 was his first time being in the audition room for "The Book of Mormon’"in New York City, and Tuesday, May 23 were callbacks. The next morning, he got the call that he would be joining the Broadway cast as a Swing, covering all seven of the Mormon ensemble tracks in the company.

“It all happened incredibly fast, which showed me that all of this was 100 percent fate and what was meant to be," Niemann said. "I hadn’t even gone home yet after graduating. I flew up to New York for a few days for this audition, and got a call Wednesday morning. They said, ‘You start music rehearsals at 3PM today.’ It was in the blink of an eye that I found myself all of a sudden living permanently in New York City and running around to rehearsals, fittings and meetings.”

This opportunity came about following the Elon Music Theatre Casting Director and Agent Masterclass Series, which takes place every February and March on Elon’s campus. This acts as the program’s senior showcase, as the entire Senior Music Theatre Class of 2017 got to audition for and workshop with top New York agents and a representative from every major Broadway and National Tour casting agency.

‚Äč“I was asked to submit materials via video after being contacted by one of the casting directors we brought to campus in the spring,” said Niemann. “If it wasn’t for our masterclass series that provided that connection with the right casting director, this wouldn’t have happened, and I wouldn’t have been asked to come to the callbacks in New York. I also don’t think I would’ve made it this far in the process if it wasn’t for my agents at CGF Talent, who I signed with a few weeks after my session with them on campus, too. I really have Elon’s Music Theatre program to thank for giving me the connections and equipping me with the skills and knowledge to make these dreams come true.”

Niemann will make his debut with the show on Tuesday, July 11 at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. For more information on the show and tickets, visit http://bookofmormonbroadway.com/

Catherine McNeela,
6/14/2017 7:05 PM