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Love School of Business professors present at Academy of Marketing Science conference

Alisha Horky, Kacy Kim and Carri Tolmie shared insights from their research studies involving cause-related marketing, the psychology of branding, ad countdown effects and sports team symbols’ effect on distance performance.

Assistant Professors Alisha Horky, Kacy Kim and Carri Tolmie from the Department of Marketing and International Business presented their research to academics and marketing professionals from around the world at the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) annual conference held May 24-26 in California.

Assistant Professors Alisha Horky, Kacy Kim and Carri Tolmie presented research at the 2017 Academy of Marketing Science conference.

Horky, assistant professor of marketing, and Tolmie, assistant professor of international business, presented their paper, “Ties that bind: Exploring existing brand and cause relationships in cause-related marketing campaigns.” Their study aimed to better understand the relative influence that various factors, including pre-existing connections to a cause and brand, can have on a consumer’s intent to purchase products from firms associated with a cause. 

Kim, assistant professor of marketing, presented sessions on each of the following papers:

“Five seconds to the ad: How program-induced mood affects ad countdown effects”
Kim and co-authors Tiffany Venmahavong and Sukki Yoon from Bryant University investigated what effects a five-second countdown warning will have on consumer’s attitudes towards the advertisement depending on the main program content.

“Lovemarks: Psychology of branding”
Kim and co-authors Patricia Rossi and Felipe Pantoja of IESEG School of Management and Sukki Yoon of Bryant University studied if luxury product placement in a movie increases viewers’ purchase intentions when backgrounds are congruent with the product’s luxury image (a message factor) and when the audience’s luxury associations are activated at the moment (an audience factor).

“Red Sox throws soft, Yankees hits hard: Sports team symbols affect distance performance”
Kim and co-authors Sukki Yoon, Austin Beltis, John Logan and Gayatri Subramanian, all with Bryant University, examined whether visual exposure to sports team symbols affect distance performance of hitting/throwing a ball, depending on whether the symbols represent favored or rival teams.

The Academy of Marketing Science is a nonprofit, international, scholarly and professional organization dedicated to promoting high standards and excellence in the creation and dissemination of marketing knowledge and the furtherance of marketing practice through a role of leadership within the discipline of marketing around the world.

Nicole Filippo,
7/10/2017 9:30 AM