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Elon Law Leadership Fellows share details of Capstone projects

A dozen Fellows in the Class of December 2017 recently shared with first-year students the details of projects aimed at improving the community while strengthening their own leader lawyer skills.

Adam Watkins and Madeline Turpen in Elon Law's Class of December 2017 
Andreas Mosby and Samantha Mungro in the Class of December 2017
Chris Hall and Jaylyn Noble in the Class of December 2017
Jessica Chong, Caitlin Mitchell, and Britney Boles in the Class of December 2017
Elon Law's Class of December 2017 Leadership Fellows presented their Leadership Capstone projects to classmates in November as they demonstrated the many ways emerging lawyers can serve both clients and communities.

Presentations to the full Class of 2019 took place on Nov. 17, 2017, in Room 207 of the law school. The program was a component of the Lawyering, Leadership, and Professionalism course in which the students in the Class of 2019 have been enrolled during the fall trimester.

The course, which is a key element of Elon’s distinctive Leadership Program and required of all students, is led by Visiting Associate Professor Julee Flood, Director of Elon Law's Leadership Program, and Associate Professor Chris Leupold, Faculty Fellow for Law and Leadership.

"Leadership Fellows Capstone Projects are invaluable to multiple stakeholders," Flood said. "The Fellows who design and carry out the projects serve community needs while enhancing legal, policy, planning, and administrative skills - and paving paths to employment. Law students who hear about the projects gain inspiration for their upcoming community outreach activities and learn more about diverse uses for a law degree. Community recipients likewise benefit from the research and information provided by the students.  

"It is simply impossible to duplicate such synergy from reading a book or hearing a lecture."

The following Leadership Fellows made presentations.

Britney Boles, Jessica Chong, & Caitlin Mitchell
Title: #WhatLiftsGreensboro

#WhatLiftsGreensboro is designed to bring artist Kelsey Montague’s work to downtown Greensboro by incorporating an interactive mural that represents what makes Greensboro a great place to be. The mural’s design invites you to become part of the piece and encourages visitors and residents to share their experiences on social media.

Mia Chamberlain & Jordan Thompson
Title: Play at The Next Level: A Career in Sports Law 

As the sports industry becomes increasingly complex, the demand for qualified sports law professionals is growing. This presentation focuses on the benefits of a law school education and how it can be specifically applied to a career in the competitive world of professional sports.

Chris Hall & Jaylyn Noble
Title: Customizing Creative Compliance

This presentation will delve deeper into the world of compliance and how schools all over the country are integrating compliance certifications into their curriculum. The two areas of focus will be healthcare and business compliance and the presentation will aim to give a pointers and tips as to how, and why, Elon should incorporate these certification programs. 

Janelle Wendorf
Title: The Economic and Social Impacts of Environmental Sustainability 

This presentation will be used to educate the legal community on the economic and social inequalities that are prevalent as a result of environmental sustainability projects. Too often low-income communities and citizens severely suffer from the impacts of environmental projects and statutes. The first step to combat such inequalities is to educate the legal community of such issue. 

Andreas Mosby & Samantha Mungro
Title: Shaping the "Leading Lawyer": Cultural Competency in the Profession

This project serves to shape the “Leading Lawyer” by providing first-year law students with the tools necessary to recognize and address issues of implicit bias that may occur during their time as law students, as practitioners in the field, and as individuals within their communities.

Madeline Turpen & Adam Watkins
Title: Bingo Night: A Guide to Nonprofit 501(c)

This project involves the creation of a presentation for the Rougemont Ruritan outlining the responsibilities and benefits of changing tax statuses within USC 501(c).


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12/1/2017 2:05 PM