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Upton publishes paper in Managerial Finance

Research co-authored by Assistant Professor Kate Upton examines the impact of a new asset class known as actively managed exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Kate Upton, assistant professor of finance in the Martha and Love School of Business, co-authored the paper titled “Actively managed ETFs versus actively managed mutual funds” that was published in Managerial Finance.

Upton and co-author Eli Sherrill explored the impact of this new financial instrument which combines exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and active management on the managed fund market. Their research indicates that actively managed ETFs are substitutes for existing actively managed mutual funds with lower fees, enhanced liquidity, and tax advantages.

The paper was presented at the 2017 Southern Finance Association conference.

The paper’s abstract reads:

Nicole Filippo,
2/22/2018 6:10 PM