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Andrew McGann '19: Following his passion

McGann, a rising Elon senior from Summit, New Jersey, shares how his Elon Engagement Scholarship has allowed him to pursue his love for music production. This is the second in a video series highlighting the impact of endowed scholarships at Elon.

A music production and recording arts major, Andrew McGann '19 used a $2,000 grant from his Elon Engagement Scholarship to participate in a powerful internship in the Elon in LA program, which allows students to take classes and participate in internships in the world's entertainment capital.

This is the second in a series of six videos celebrating the transformative impact of endowed scholarships at Elon. Deepening funding for scholarships is one of the university's top institutional priorities, including Elon Engagement Scholarships, and scholarships for the university's six Fellows programs, the Odyssey Program, the Elon Experiences and Phoenix athletics.

Engagement Scholarships are designed to attract students who are eager to take advantage of the university's nationally recognized engaged learning programs. These scholarships are a powerful tool in the university's recruitment strategy because they enable admitted students to enroll at Elon as their first-choice school.


Jaleh Hagigh,
6/13/2018 9:55 AM