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EV! is hiring for several leadership positions

EV! is hiring for the following leadership positions. Requirements vary -- please read the descriptions carefully and contact the staff member listed with any additional questions.

Thank you for your interest!

* All applications are due Nov. 21

Organization Liaison: The EV! Organization Liaison serves as the connection between EV! and other student organizations, sharing information about service opportunities and gathering information about independent service projects for the Kernodle Center.

Contact: Adam King * Full Job Description * Organization Liaison Application

Academic Service-Learning Director: AS-L Directors work with faculty and community partners to develop appropriate service opportunities for Academic Service-Learning courses.

Contact: Lisa Parker * Full Job Description * AS-L Director Application

Events Director: The Events Director will work with staff, community partners, and the coordinators of each event to ensure the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of all EV! service events.

Contact: Adam King * Full Job Description * Events Director Application

Environmental Events Coordinator: This is a new position in EV! with a lot of growth potential. The Environmental Events Coordinator will work with area environmental groups to organize direct service events.

Contact: JJ Scott * Job Summary * Environmental Events Coordinator Application

Eastlawn Elementary Thursday Clubs Coordinator: The Thursday Clubs Coordinator will recruit groups and individuals across campus who will then hold weekly afternoon clubs for Eastlawn Elementary School, beginning in February. Ideas for clubs include cheerleading, sports, music, photography, step and art.

Contact: Tammy Cobb * Eastlawn Elementary Thursday Clubs Coordinator Application

EV! Photographer: The EV! photographer’s job is to document all the service activities that happen through EV! and the Kernodle Center for Service Learning.

Contact: Adam King * Job Summary * EV! Photographer Application

Newsletter Coordinator: A permanent role within the Publicity Team, the newsletter coordinator oversees the development and printing of EV! newsletters once or twice a semester.

Contact: Adam King * Job Summary * Newsletter Coordinator Application

* All applications are due Nov. 21

Courtney Engelke,
11/13/2006 3:38 PM