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Sexual Assault Restorative Justice Project Seeks Web Updaters

The Sexual Assault Restorative Justice Project is currently accepting requests for members of the Elon community to become confidential mailbox checkers and website updaters. Please e-mail sarj@elon.edu if you are interested in becoming involved with the project.

Training sessions will occur in early April.

If you are selected as a volunteer, you will go through the Sexual Assault Restorative Justice Project (SARJ) Training Program. The program aims to train volunteers to continue and sustain SARJ in a manner consistent with the project’s original goals.

The Sexual Assault Restorative Justice Project (SARJ) exists to enable restorative justice on the part of sexual assault survivors and their friends through postcard art. The widely popular medium, the secret postcard art, will accomplish these goals for our community’s common good.

The project hopes to promote a sense of belonging and understanding regarding sexual assault in the Elon community. In order to confront sexual assault issues, we must develop a sensitivity to and awareness of them.

You are invited to anonymously contribute original art that relates to a personal experience you have had with sexual violence. The art will be displayed on the SARJ Web site.

Members of the Elon community can create their own postcards, use one of the blank postcards on campus, or send a piece of postcard art electronically by scanning it or photographing it. To send postcard art electronically, save it as a .jpeg file, and e-mail it to sarj@elon.edu. We also accept digitally-created art.

Please check out our website to learn more about the project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SARJ project at sarj@elon.edu.

3/17/2009 2:17 PM