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Work with Positive Attitude Youth Development Center

Looking for a fun and educational service opportunity!? Have you thought about Positive Attitude Youth Center?

Positive Attitude Youth Development Center is an afterschool program geared toward helping minorities and low-income children mature physically, emotionally, and spiritually by offering tutoring services and recreational activities. As stated in its mission through programming “the Center hopes to see a stronger, more peaceful community with less crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, gang violence, high school dropout and family abuse.”

I personally encourage you and your organization to become yearlong volunteers. There are many youth in our community who need someone like you to help them realize their true potential through tutoring and afterschool activities.

If you would like more information about Positive Attitude Youth Development Center and would like to arrange a time for you or your organization to volunteer please email payc@elon.edu. You can also visit the link at the right.

Caroline Denning,
11/4/2009 9:52 AM