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Christina Benson receives LSB Award for Excellence in Teaching

Christina Benson, Assistant Professor of Business Law at Elon University, has received the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2010.

In presenting the award, Dean Mary Gowan described Dr. Benson as "someone who embraces teaching with intense energy and enthusiasm"... "to help prepare students for complex business environments."

"She is a professor who expects her students to be involved and sets an example for them. She has designed into her courses exercises and projects that require students to dive deep into the topic and think deeply about the subject," said Dean Gowan. "Her use of cases and action learning both in and out of the classroom have exposed her students to the ethical and legal challenges in actual organizations and enabled her students to represent the Love School of Business and Elon well, often bringing home top honors in competitions."

The Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes an educator who excels in the classroom and engages students in the learning process; maintains academic rigor; and provides evidence of commitment to the intellectual development of students through mentoring and related activities. The award also honors professors who exemplify Elon's teacher-scholar, by modeling their intellectual values to students, including a learned, reflective, and critical approach to life, and whose teaching and scholarship are inseparable. It also acknowledges the professor's role in challenging students to value respected and informed engagement.

Ben McFadyen,
5/12/2010 6:08 PM