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Several thousand watch President Lambert's special video message to alumni

About 3,000 people have watched President Leo M. Lambert's message about the important role that alumni play in Elon’s future, including making annual gifts to support the best of an Elon education. This is the first of several videos the president will share with alumni this year via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and E-Net.

After receiving the video on Sept. 1, many alumni offered testimonials about why they support annual giving at Elon. Below are some of their comments. Thank you for suppporting Elon!

"I give back to Elon so students can enjoy the same wonderful experiences that I did, regardless of their financial background!"

"I give to Elon because Elon has given me a career, lifelong friends and a family. What more could one want?"

"I give to Elon because I still tear up thinking about my experiences there. I am so proud of Elon and am happy to support it!"

"I give to Elon because of the pride I have for my alma mater. Long Live Elon!"

Click here to watch President Lambert's video.

Jaleh Hagigh,
9/9/2010 4:23 PM