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Kevin O’Mara, Gary Palin present at International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Turkey

Kevin O'Mara, a professor of business administration, and Gary Palin, executive director of the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, presented Nov. 12 at the International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosted by the Izmir University of Economics in Izmir, Turkey.

Gary Palin (left) and Kevin O'Mara

O’Mara and Palin’s presentation, “Teaching Innovation, Entrepreneurship Skills and Knowledge to Individuals with Neurological Disorders: A Pathway to Fulfillment, Self-Determination, and Self-Esteem,” explores questions regarding the intersection of entrepreneurial skills, targeted alliances, and those with neurological disorders with an application of a social entrepreneurship based solution.

The conference attracted an international audience of faculty, entrepreneurs and students to discuss specific issues and challenges of research and application of entrepreneurship and its link with innovative behavior to be analyzed both theoretically and from an empirical point of view.

Eric Townsend,
11/17/2010 11:52 AM