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Biology students present, win awards at the North Carolina Academy of Science annual meeting

Four biology students received awards for their presentations at the annual meeting of the North Carolina Academy of Science hosted by Elon University March 25-26.

From left to right, Kara Salpeter, Meghan Clark and Morgan Gregg.

Bryan Strelow won a second place award in the ecology/environmental science section while Kara Salpeter and Morgan Gregg placed third. Meghan Clark won second place in the poster session.

In all, 14 Elon students presented their work during the meeting.

Bryan Strelow

Ten of those were biology majors: Lauren Stranahan, Katherine Hlavinka, who graduated in 2010, Kara Salpeter, Meghan Clark, Morgan Gregg, Margo Lowe, V. Claire James, Brett Schuchardt, Bryan Strelow and Lora Sigmon.

Biochemistry majors Elise Post, Julie Ronecker and Carly Fabrizio, who graduated in 2010, as well as environmental studies major Danielle Whitman also made presentations.

Keren Rivas,
1/27/2012 1:52 PM