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Communications students present research at 2011 SURF sessions

Fifteen School of Communications students were among the many student researchers who presented their work at Elon University's selective Student Undergraduate Research Forum April 27.

From left, students Drew Smith (white shirt), Kirsten Bennett and Sam Baranowski present their research during a SURF 2011 presentation.

Faculty mentors for this year’s School of Communications researchers included Brooke Barnett, David Copeland, Vic Costello, Kenn Gaither, Amanda Gallagher, Derek Lackaff, Harlen Makemson, Barbara Miller, Rich Landesberg, Glenn Scott, Nicole Triche and Melody van Lidth de Jeude.

Following was the 2011 schedule of Communications presentations.

Student Poster Session III

Lauren Kolodrubetz, “Cold War Cultural Influences: A Content Analysis Student of TIME Advertisements,” Faculty Mentor: Harlen Makemson

Stephanie Olsen, “Dance for the Camera,” Faculty Mentor: Nicole Triche

Session I

Brittany L. Dewey, “Executive Compensation at Banks Receiving Federal Assistance under the Troubled Asset Relief Program,” Faculty Mentor: David Copeland

Kirsten Bennett, Andrew J. Smith and Samantha Baranowski, “Global Internet Core Values from Internet Governance Forum 2011,” Faculty Mentor: Glenn Scott

Paul Billings, “Culture, Communication and Christianity: The Challenges of Contextualizing the Gospel in the 21st Century,” Faculty Mentor: Melody van Lidth de Jeude

James Alex Moss, “Death-Related Media’s Impact on News and Donation Preferences,” Faculty Mentor: Barbara Miller

Stephen Ferguson, “A Church under Fire: The Roman Catholic Church in American through Online and Social Media,” Faculty Mentor: Kenn Gaither

Gabrielle Dean, “Courage through Faith: A Look at Religion and Immigration,” Faculty Mentor: Brooke Barnett

Carolyn Baumgarten, “Chirping for Charity: How U.S. Nonprofit Organizations are Using Twitter to Foster Dialogic Communication,” Faculty Mentor: Vic Costello

Session II

Catherine E. Reynolds, “Relationship-Building and Other Uses of Social Networking Tools by Nonprofit Organizations,” Faculty Mentor: Amanda Gallagher

Laura Schutter, “Free Marketing Strategies for Socially Responsible Startups: A Case Analysis of Four Effective Organizations,” Faculty Mentor: Derek Lackaff

Jennifer Henricks, “The Content and Effectiveness of Social Media in Election Campaigns,” Faculty Mentor: Rich Landesberg

Evann P. Clingan, “The Relationship of Participation in Online Sports Sites with Self-Identities as Fans and Commentators,” Faculty Mentor: Glenn Scott

Celebration of Faculty Scholarship

Additionally, Communications assistant professors Naeemah Clark and Derek Lackaff presented their research as part of the university’s overall faculty poster presentations. Clark’s research was titled, “Change: Young Voters Speak during the 2008 Presidential Election Season,” and Lackaff’s research was titled, “New Opportunities in Personal Network Data Collection.”

Colin Donohue,
4/28/2011 11:57 AM