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School of Communications honors outstanding students

The faculty and administrators of Elon's School of Communications hosted the school's annual student awards ceremony on April 28.

Sixteen outstanding students were selected from among more than 1,000 communications majors to be honored for their outstanding contributions in and out of the classroom. Those honored meet the highest academic standards, have been active in on-campus media and student organizations and have achieved great success in challenging internships.

“What makes this even more special is, the student recipients have been selected for honor by the faculty – by the people in the best position to know who is really good,” said Communications Dean Paul Parsons. “Through fall term and winter term, spring and summer, through lab work and research papers and class projects and internships, you performed at a level that merits being designated as the best in your discipline, or selected to receive a prestigious scholarship or award.”

Outstanding Senior Awards

These five awards recognize outstanding personal and professional achievements by graduating seniors who have demonstrated through consistent performance extraordinary knowledge and ability in their areas of specialization, and have made significant contributions to the School of Communications and the major.

JOEY ACCORDINO, Broadcast Communications Award. Presented by Ray Johnson.
JOSH CHAGANI, Cinema Award. Presented by Paul Castro.
ANNE HELLWEG, Strategic Communications Award. Presented by Frances Ward-Johnson
ANDREW SMITH, Journalism Award. Presented by Rich Landesberg.
AMANDA PORTOGHESE, Sport and Event Management Award. Presented by Hal Walker

The Mary Ellen Priestley Scholarship

This scholarship assists a female student who is a rising sophomore, junior or senior majoring in print journalism and is preparing for a career as a writer for public circulation newspapers and magazines. The scholarship was established by the late Dr. Mary Ellen Priestley, a former professor of English and Journalism at Elon and adviser to The Pendulum, and her husband, Gerard. This year's winner is CAITLIN O’DONNELL. Presented by Colin Donohue.

Student scholarship winners: (back row l-r) Lauren Warr, Caitlin O'Donnell, Alison Schiffli and Samantha Baranowski (front row l-r): Samantha Brain, Rebecca Smith, Addie Haney, Gabriela Szewcow and Kirsten Bennett

The A.J. Fletcher Award

This award recognizes the achievements of an outstanding undergraduate corporate, broadcast or film major who reflects a wide-ranging interest within the field, has a GPA above 2.75, has demonstrated leadership in campus or personal life, and has been involved in some area of community service. This year's recipients are KIRSTEN BENNETT and LAUREN WARR. Presented by Tom Nelson and Nagatha Tonkins.

James F. Hurley Legacy Scholarship

This endowed scholarship is named in memory of James F. Hurley Sr. and James F. Hurley Jr. and in honor of James F. Hurley III. All three were influential as publishers of The Salisbury (N.C.) Post. The scholarship is awarded to a junior, with preference given to communications students with priority to journalism majors, and it carries through to the student's senior year if the student remains at Elon for four years. This year's recipient is REBECCA SMITH. Presented by Janna Anderson.

Times-News Scholarship

This scholarship will provide financial aid for a participant in journalism at Elon University who has demonstrated leadership, scholarship, service to the community and exemplary character traits. This scholarship is awarded to GABRIELA SZEWCOW. Presented by Harlen Makemson.

Anthony & Olga Duke Communications Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in communications who has verified financial need and strong academic record. The recipient of the Anthony & Olga Duke Communications Scholarship is NEIMA ABDULAHI. Presented by Brooke Barnett.

D’Angelo Family Scholarship in Honor of Bill Leonard

Established by Drs. Lawrence and Dolores D’Angelo (P ’02), the D’Angelo Family Scholarship in honor of Bill Leonard recognizes the achievements of an outstanding rising senior in the field of broadcast communication. The late Bill Leonard, former president of CBS News, was influential in the creation of “60 Minutes,” “CBS Sunday Morning” and a host of other landmark news programs. The recipient of this year’s D’Angelo Scholarship is SAMANTHA BARANOWSKI. Presented by Glenn Scott.

Dubois Legacy Scholarship

This endowed scholarship recognizes a junior or senior who demonstrates a consistent commitment to their course of study, and shows great promise through their participation in foreign study, internships, and holds great promise. The scholarship honors Courtney Dubois Needham '95, and her family, Charles and Keith Dubois, for the many contributions they have made to Elon, and to the field of communications. The recipients of this year’s Dubois Legacy Scholarship are DAN KOEHLER (studying abroad) and ALISON SCHIFFLI. Presented by Michael Skube.

James Wesley Willard II Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is named in memory of James Wesley Willard II, a student in the School of Communications, who died in 2005. It is awarded to a student in the school who has demonstrated a strong academic record. This year’s recipient is ADDIE HANEY. Presented by Kenn Gaither.

Sport & Event Management Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student who exhibits great potential for professional success through a demonstrated record of academic achievement and contributions to departmental, institutional and/or community organizations. This year’s recipient is SAMANTHA BRAIN. Presented by Hal Walker.

Senior award winners (l-r): Joey Accordino, Josh Chagani, Anne Hellweg, Amanda Portoghese and Drew Smith.
Colin Donohue,
4/29/2011 8:12 AM