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School of Education students defend Honors theses

Congratulations to our School of Education senior Honors Fellows for successful completion and defense of their honors theses. And, a special thank you to their faculty mentors for their guidance and support. The School of Education is very proud of their academic achievements.

From left: Associate professor Carolyn Stuart, Lindsay Mann '11, Lauren Rodriguez-McCleary '11, assistant professor Mark Enfield, assistant professor Mary Knight-McKenna and Christy Zimmerman '11.

Lindsay Mann (Dr. Carolyn Stuart) Education
A case study comparison of dual language programs and English as a second language (ESL) programs: Differential outcomes on student learning

Lauren Rodriguez-McCleary (Dr. Mark Enfield) Elementary Education
Why Isn't Science Being Taught? Investigating Constraints on Elementary Teachers

Christy Zimmerman (Dr. Mary Knight-McKenna) Elementary Education
Reported Experiences of Ten Elementary General Educators Working with English Language Learners

Eric Townsend,
5/17/2011 5:01 PM