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Several School of Communications faculty take active role in national convention

Twelve faculty members and a 2010 graduate of the School of Communications participated in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) national conference in St. Louis from Aug. 10-13.

In addition, Parsons received AEJMC’s 2010 national Journalism and Mass Communication Administrator of the Year award. At the keynote session, Scripps Howard played videos highlighting his career and then presented him with the Charles E. Scripps Award and a $10,000 prize, which Parsons has donated to Elon for need-based student scholarships. (Read more HERE.)

Other faculty members presented papers, moderator panels and served as discussants. Below is a list of their participation:

  • Incoming assistant professor Vanessa Bravo presented a paper titled “Women as Public Relations Managers: Show Me the Money” with three others.
  • Associate professor Lee Bush and assistant professor Barbara Miller presented their paper titled “U.S. Student-Run Communications Agencies: Enhancing Students' Understanding of Business Protocols and Professionalism.” The manuscript was named the first-place PR teaching paper in the Public Relations Division.
  • Associate professor Anthony Hatcher was a panelist for a panel titled “Amusing Ourselves to Death?: The Merging of Information and Entertainment in the Age of Infotainment.”
  • Assistant professor Dan Haygood presented “The Return of Original SPAM” during “GIFT: Great Ideas for Teaching—12 Years of Terrific Teaching Tips.”
  • Associate professor Byung Lee moderated the panel “User-friendly Multimedia Storytelling: Using Flash Interactivity.”
  • Miller co-presented a paper titled “Practitioner and Audience Attitudes toward Product Placement in Reality Television” with 2010 Communications alumnus Alex Walton, who now works for Cartoon Network.
  • Assistant professor Phillip Motley served as a discussant during a refereed paper research session titled “Examining the Visual Frame.”
  • Parsons moderated the panel “So You’re an Administrator, or Might be One Someday: A Conversation with Colleagues Already in Leadership Roles.”
  • Associate professor Glenn Scott served as a panelist for a panel titled “Coverage and Representation of Women During International Sporting Competitions.” Scott specifically discussed his research “Developing a Research Project Examining Coverage of Women During the 2012 Olympic Games in London.”
  • Scott served as a moderator and panelist for the panel “Beyond the Borders of the Box: Attempting Innovation in TV, Radio, and Research in a Hyper-dyadic Digital World.”
  • Associate professor Amanda Sturgill presented “Group Note-taking with GoogleDocs” during “GIFT: Great Ideas for Teaching—12 Years of Terrific Teaching Tips.”
  • Sturgill presented her paper "Differences in the Editorial Coverage of Jeremiah Wright in the Minority and Mainstream Presses" with a colleague from another university.
  • Sturgill served as a discussant during a session of presentations for the Communication Technology division.
  • Sturgill, Motley and assistant professor Sang Nam presented their paper “International Service-learning as a Mechanism for Building Skills in Mass Communication: Enhancing Ability through Authentic Experiences.”
  • Associate department chair Frances Ward-Johnson moderated the refereed paper research session titled “Racial Discourses in News Media.”
Colin Donohue,
8/25/2011 10:03 AM