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Meredith Allison publishes article with former students

Meredith Allison, an assistant professor of psychology, published an article in the North American Journal of Psychology with student collaborators Stephen Michael '08 and Kyla Mathews '09, as well as with Assistant Professor Amy Overman in the Department of Psychology.

The study was based on Stephen Michael's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience project and involved an examination of people's alibis. It was found that whether or not participants were warned that they would be asked to provide an account of their whereabouts three nights earlier affected the narrative qualities of the alibis. Specifically, those participants who were not warned tended to use narrative features indicative of hesitancy. The complete citation is below:

Allison, M., Michael, S. W., Mathews, K. R., & Overman, A. A. (2011). Brief report: Narrative qualities and perceptions of generated alibis. North American Journal of Psychology, 13, 359-366.

Meredith Allison,
12/12/2011 9:41 AM