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Daryl Lawson, DPT students present at NC State

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Education Daryl Lawson and three year III DPT students were invited to speak at North Carolina State University on Monday, Feb. 20. by the president of the Pre-Health Minority Interest group, DeMonica Gentry.

Left to right: Margret Gardner, Lauren Butler, Daryl Lawson, DeMonica Gentry and Caylen Thomas

Dr. Lawson shared information about Elon’s School of Health Sciences along with a presentation about health professions in 2012 and beyond. Year III DPT students Margret Gardner (undergraduate from NCSU), Lauren Butler (undergraduate from NCSU), and Caylen Thomas (undergraduate from UNC-Greensboro), helped answer questions at the end of the presentation.


Keren Rivas,
2/21/2012 1:22 PM