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Faculty recognized for campus-wide prevention efforts

Dr. Judy Esposito, associate professor of human service studies and co-chair of the Interdisciplinary Committee on Course-Based Alcohol Education, and Resa Walch, senior lecturer in Health and Human Performance and Faculty Fellow for Substance Education, sponsored an event on May 1 for faculty participants in the Faculty As Partners in Prevention campus-wide initiative.

Resa Walch and Judy Esposito

The event celebrated and showcased the work of more than 40 faculty members that have participated in campus-wide prevention efforts either through 1) developing a curriculum infusion module, which integrates alcohol awareness into coursework through a disciplinary perspective; 2) being an interviewer in the B.A.S.I.C.S. program (an evidence-based program in which faculty serve as motivational interviewers for students who have been charged with alcohol violations); or 3) through securing a winter term grant in support of course-related evening activities for students.

Faculty As Partners in Prevention were honored at a drop-in luncheon, with poster displays highlighting their work. Including faculty in campus-wide prevention initiatives is a collaborative effort between academics and the Office of Substance Education.

The Interdisciplinary Committee on Course-Based Alcohol Education encourages faculty participation in the delivery of course modules each semester, as well as during the winter term. For more information on this program or other ways faculty can join prevention efforts, contact Resa Walch, Faculty Fellow for Substance Education (walchr@elon.edu), Dr. Judy Esposito, Co-chair of the Interdisciplinary Committee on Course-Based Alcohol Education (jesposito@elon.edu), or Jordan Perry, Coordinator for Substance Education (jperry16@elon.edu).

If you are interested in applying for a winter-term mini-grant to support course-related evening activities, look for the one-page grant applications in the early fall.

Faculty who have served as partners in prevention include:

  • Sophie Adamson
  • Janna Anderson
  • Jason Aryeh
  • Lucinda Austin
  • Lee Bush
  • Olivia Choplin
  • Rodney Clare
  • Anthony Crider
  • Mark Cryan
  • Earl Danieley
  • Ayesha Delpish
  • Judy Esposito
  • Evan Gatti
  • Amy Glaser
  • Jessica Gisclair
  • Spoma Jovanovic
  • Caroline Ketcham
  • Derek Lackaff
  • Julie Lellis
  • Janet Mays
  • Phillip Miller
  • Betty Morgan
  • Sang Nam
  • Juan Obando
  • Rebeca Olmedo
  • Amy Overman
  • Samuele Pardini
  • Paula Patch
  • Mark Prokosch
  • Kirstin Ringelberg
  • Michael Rodriguez
  • Lisa Rosenberg
  • Katy Rouse
  • Gabie Smith
  • Amy Stringer
  • Amanda Tapler
  • Shawn Tucker
  • Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler
  • Resa Walch
  • Timothy Wardle
  • Rexford Waters
  • Jane Wellford
Keren Rivas,
5/15/2012 5:04 PM