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Vanessa Bravo interviewed by La Nacion

Communications assistant professor Vanessa Bravo was recently interviewed by newspaper La Nación in Costa Rica.

Viva magazine, the daily features section of La Nación, will celebrate its 25th anniversary on May 18, 2012. As the magazine´s managing editor from 2005 to 2007, Bravo was interviewed to reflect on this occasion, to talk about the significance of the publication and to explain the changes Viva has faced because of technological advances.

"In the past, we journalists used to think of one daily deadline, in the case of Viva magazine, about 6 p.m. each night," Bravo said. "We also used to write some of our stories several days in advance. Now, we understand that news happen -- and get published -- as soon as you have the information ready to go. The deadlines now happen multiple times a day."

The full story can be accessed at http://www.nacion.com/2012-04-13/Entretenimiento/--bien-vividos--.aspx.

Bravo joined the School of Communications last fall. She teaches courses such as Media Writing, Strategic Writing and Communications in a Global Age. She obtained her Ph.D. in Mass Communications at the University of Florida, and she worked as a journalist and editor at La Nacion for more than a decade.

Vanessa Bravo,
5/8/2012 2:49 PM