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Earl Honeycutt publishes article on measuring sales training effectiveness

Earl Honeycutt, Martha and Spencer Love Term Professor of Marketing, co-authored an article entitled, “Measuring sales training effectiveness at the behavior and results levels using self- and supervisor evaluations.”

Earl Honeycutt, Ph.D.

The article appeared in the May 2012 issue of Marketing Intelligence and Planning (Volume 30:3).  It was co-authored with Ashraf M. Attia, professor of marketing at SUNY-Oswego.

The abstract for the article is presented below:

This study improves the sales training process by gaining a deeper understanding of the first two evaluation levels - reaction and learning. A total of 79 sales supervisors of a US global firm operating in Egypt participated in the study. They evaluated level 1 (reaction) by rating the design and operation of their sales training programs. Level 2 measured the value of information gained from training topics. Trainees stated that the training either helped or solved sales and non-sales problems. Data from both training levels were factored analyzed and each resulted in a two-factor solution. Knowledge gained is more important to determining whether sales training has been effective. Learning evaluation showed that trainees believed the value of selling skills, company information, and behavioral training topics were valuable and the role of the instructor was important. This research offers advice for setting standards for evaluating sales training programs. Since global firms devote significant sums of time and money training their sales forces, the greater understanding of the process results in improved effectiveness of sales training programs.

Nicole Filippo,
5/8/2012 1:37 PM