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Preceptors acknowledged for service during 2011-’12 academic year

The Elon Law preceptor program provides students with a unique opportunity to engage with members of the legal community. The program pairs first-year law students with attorneys who volunteer to serve as mentors and coaches.

Mark York '12, left, speaks with attorney and preceptor Kenneth R. Keller at one of Elon Law's six annual receptions with the legal community.

“Preceptors occupy a position of distinction at the law school,” said Margaret Kantlehner, associate professor and director of the preceptor program, in a Bloomberg Law Reports article she authored this year about Elon Law’s Preceptor Program.

Nearly 50 attorneys from a wide range of practice areas served as preceptors this year. Preceptors observe and discuss their students’ participation in law classes each semester and meet with them on a regular basis.

Law student Aminata Ba ‘14 described her preceptor experience as a valuable asset to her law school education. Ba and two classmates were assigned to preceptor Kelly Robinson, an associate attorney with MacCord Mason PLLC. Ba and Robinson met multiple times throughout the semester for coffee and trips to Robinson’s law firm.

Many preceptors use meetings with students as an opportunity to introduce them to the legal field. Observing trials together, meeting for lunch, touring law firms and introducing students to co-workers are all common activities students report participating in with their preceptors.

Aminata Ba, a member of the Class of 2014 at Elon Law

Katherine Koone ‘14 said the mentoring relationship she developed with her preceptor, Richard Gabriel, an attorney with Gabriel Berry Weston & Wells, L.L.P., was helpful in her search for a summer job.

“Mr. Gabriel was a great resource for applying for summer internships and I was honored for him to be a reference on my behalf,” Koone said. “You never know what networking with your preceptor can hold, an internship or possibly a job.”

Though preceptors are assigned randomly, Ba said that it is easy for students who are willing to reach out and ask questions to connect with their preceptors.

“Even if your preceptor is not in the area of law you're considering, they probably know someone who is and they all have good advice,” Ba said. “Use your resources. If you have a preceptor who is willing to meet and talk with you, use them.”

Beyond the benefit to law students, preceptors also benefit from participating in preceptor program. Preceptors have an opportunity to engage with future colleagues and teach them about aspects of the legal profession that may not be covered in the classroom - such as the practical aspects of law firm operations or the importance of participating in a local bar association. Becoming a preceptor also allows attorneys to develop ties with the law school, network with faculty and other professionals and attend law school functions with guest speakers.

Katherine Koone, a member of the Class of 2014 at Elon Law

Elon Law would like to acknowledge the following practitioners for their service as preceptors during the 2011-2012 academic year: 

Stephanie Anderson Adam Marshall
Jason Aycoth '09 Michael T. Marshall
Ashley Bennington Larry I. Moore
Jeffr Berman John Morgan
Deborah Bowers Michael Newell
Brenton Boyce Jennifer Noble
Rebecca Branz '10 Janna Nugent
Bernie Brown '10 Sean Olson '09
Melanie Crenshaw '09 Abigail Peoples
Mark Cummings Rick Pinto
Camilla DeBoard Marsh Prause
Daniel L. Donovan '09 Jenny Reutter '10
Bill Eagles Sarah H. Roane
Richard W. Gabriel Kelly B. Robinson '09
Scott C. Gayle Lewis Rowell
Angela Gray Stephen M. Russell
Fred T. Hamlet Karen McKeithen Schaede
Eloise M. Hassell Gerald S. Schafer
Lora Howard '10 Kerri Sigler '09
Kenneth R. Keller Jason Sparrow
Doug Koenig Brian Starrett
Jennifer Adams Ledford Lawrence R. Stoehr
Michelle Adams Ledford Jonathan Wall
Richard Manger Robyn R.C. Whitman
  Enyonam Williams

Click here for details and a video report about Elon Law's Preceptor Program.

By Courtney Roller L’13

Philip Craft,
6/14/2012 10:09 AM