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Check out where the Elon in New York students of 2012 are interning

Twenty-eight Elon in New York City students are interning throughout the city at various organizations. Here's a look at where they'll be working this summer:

Tupper Allen ’14 (accounting and finance)—The Arthritis Foundation
Samantha Ardinger ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—The POP Bag
Emmy Bird ’14 (strategic communications)—Hauté Hippie
Meghan Caraway ’14 (strategic communications and international relations)—Ella Moss
Elijah Clark ’13 (media arts & entertainment and marketing)—Red Car Productions
Ryan Cousins ’13 (strategic communications)—The Daily Meal
Sheryl Davis ’13 (media arts & entertainment)—XO Group (The Knot)
Shauna De Ford ’14 (strategic communications)—Fourth Arts Block New York City
Emily Devito ’14 (strategic communications and dance performance)—Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre
Grace Elkus ’14 (journalism)—Every Day with Rachel Ray
Lauren Harbury ’13 (strategic communications)—Sarah Hall Productions
Carolyn Hight ’14 (theatrical design & production)—aka Advertising
Kathleen Kindelan ’13 (strategic communications)—Beth Dickstein Entertainment
Taylor Kratz ’14 (marketing)—Columbia Records
Veronica Lee ’14 (theatrical design & production)—BRS Talent Agency
David MacLeod ’13 (business administration)—Phreesia
Liza McIntosh ’13 (strategic communications)—Elliott Mann PR and Alan Cumming
Arthur Michaels ’14 (finance)—UBS
Colleen O’Connell ’14 (vocal performance)—Boneau | Bryan-Brown
Christina Ringstrom ’14 (strategic communications)—MTV International
Alice Smith ’14 (strategic communications)—VIEvents
Jill Soscia ’14 (business administration and marketing)—Ella Moss/Splendid
Alice Sudlow ’14 (English)—Ny Whitaker Inc. and Odyssey Networks
Victoria Touloupas ’13 (biology)—Shoshanna Showroom
Alicia Varcoe ’13 (theatrical design & production)—Julliard School
Allison Wade ’13 (strategic communications)—The Blue Flame Agency
Jeffrey Williamson ’13 (digital & fine arts)—Ny Whitaker Inc.
Alexandra Zubak ’14 (strategic communications and art)—aka Advertising

Below is a Google map of their internship locations:


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Colin Donohue,
6/29/2012 10:23 AM