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Lawrence Garber publishes article on association between learning and learning style in marketing games

Associate Professor Lawrence Garber’s research examining the association between learning and learning style in the playing of functional marketing games has been published in the Marketing Education Review.

Lawrence Garber, Ph.D.

The article entitled, “The Association Between the Learning Experience and Learning Style in Instructional Marketing Games: An Exploratory Study,” appears in the journal’s Summer 2012 issue. Garber coauthored the article with Eva Hyatt and Unal Boya, both professors at Appalachian State University.

Below is an abstract:

“To understand how learners of respective types respond to marketing games, a joint space generated by canonical correlation analysis is used to recreate Kolb’s Learning Style Type Plot and locate business students as points within it according to their learning style types. Two hundred thirty-three undergraduates played The Marketing Game!, and completed exit surveys soliciting their attitude toward the game experience and Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory (LSI). Results indicate marketing games to be a positive experience for all learners. Such inclusiveness is afforded because students can frame the game experience to match their preferred learning styles. Pedagogical implications are discussed.”

Marketing Education Review focuses on promoting innovative approaches to curricular development, course content and delivery systems, student learning, career development and other issues which are important to marketing faculty. The journal is owned by the Society for Marketing Advances.

Nicole Filippo,
8/9/2012 11:33 AM