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Jeff Carpenter has article published in Phi Delta Kappan

Jeff Carpenter, assistant professor of education, has co-authored an article in the October issue of Phi Delta Kappan with Jennifer Pease of James Madison University.

The conceptual article, "Sharing the Learning," is one of the features in a themed issue on new styles of instruction. The article abstract reads: 

Today’s accountability paradigm has led many teachers to take on too much work in the push to raise test scores. Teachers don’t need to do more; rather, they need to approach instruction differently. To improve results, teachers must require that students assume more responsibility for their own learning. Three key ways in which students and teachers can share the vital work of the classroom to advance student learning are through the promotion of intellectual rigor, a commitment to growth and improvement, and the development and maintenance of the classroom community.

The article is also one of four selected for discussion in the Professional Development Discussion Guide that accompanies each month's issue. 

Phi Delta Kappan addresses issues related to K-12 education, and has a unique role in education because it sits at the intersection of practice, policy, and research. Kappan, published since 1915accepts about 12% of all submitted manuscripts and has approximately 35,000 readers.

Jeff Carpenter,
9/26/2012 8:36 AM