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Students named winners of #ElonFamily social media contest

Two freshmen from New Jersey and a sophomore from New York had their Family Weekend photos collect the most number of Facebook “likes.”

From left: Sherri, Danya, Morgan and Steven Goldstein.


Three students have won Elon University prize packs, which include a T-shirt and a copy of the “Elon: Under the Oaks” coffee table photography book, following the inaugural #ElonFamily social media photo contest held during Family Weekend.

Elon students could take Instagram photos of themselves with at least one family member from Sept. 28-30 and post it using the #ElonFamily hashtag. Staff members in the Office of Parent Programs and the Office of University Communications selected 14 of the best they found on the social media platform and added the images to a photo gallery on the university’s Facebook fan page.

Students who took the three photos that had collected the most number of likes by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 5, won prizes.

Freshman Morgan Goldstein (morgan_gold on Instagram) of Robbinsville, N.J., had 238 people “like” her photo by the end of the contest, making a photo of herself with parents Steven and Sherri, and sister Danya, the most popular in the gallery. The photo showed the family of four at nearby bowling lanes wearing Elon apparel when rain that weekend impacted original plans.

Kiyah Harrell's family from New York. Top row, from left: Winfield III (younger brother), Brenda (mother), Lisa (step mother). Bottom from left: Akilah (older sister), Winfield Jr. (father), Jaiyana (niece), Kiyah, and Zaria (younger sister).

In addition to bowling, the Goldsteins attended Friday night’s "Collage" performance and the Hillel reception on Sunday. “I had briefly seen the article on E-Net referencing the contest, but forgot about it until later Sunday night when I saw another post,” she said. “I decided to post my picture in hopes of winning the contest.”

Sophomore Kiyah Harrell (kiyahx3 on Instagram) had her family in town from Brooklyn and snapped a few photos in The Oaks after Elon’s Finest Dance Team performed for parents. It was a first time on campus for everyone in the photo except Harrell’s mother. On Friday, 183 people had “liked” the image.

“They all packed into one car to drive all the way from Brooklyn to visit me for only two days,” Harrell said. “This picture truly captures our odd, loving, protecting family dynamic and it was one I wanted to share with other members in the Elon community.”

Freshman Gary Grumbach’s parents and brother were on campus after visiting from Readington, N.J. His photo collected 152 “likes.”

From left: Gary, Sage, Cole and Steve Grumbach.

“I took part in this contest because of my brother and our shared obsession with Instagram,” Grumbach (gary_grumbach on Instagram) said. “Since he was coming down for the weekend, I thought it would be a lot of fun to Instagram all over Elon together. My family's favorite part of the weekend was the football game. Even with the rain and the team's loss, we all had a really good time.”

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Eric Townsend,
10/8/2012 12:44 PM