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Eco-Art interventions to raise awareness and inspire dialogue

Students in Professor Samantha DiRosa's ART 339 Eco-Art class will be carrying out creative "interventions" around campus the week of May 6–10.  


Look for these projects between the raindrops and wet ground, particularly during dry moments, and in such places as sidewalks, parking lots, hallways, and water fountains. The projects intend to raise awareness and inspire dialogue on the pertinent energy issues of the Southeast: fracking, nuclear power, mountain-top removal coal mining and alternative energy.  So if you notice something out of the ordinary this week in your travels (such as a chalk outline of a figure with information on the effects of radioactive isotopes on the body, a jar of brown water placed ever-so-intentionally on a fountain that you might have the privilege to take a sip of clean water from, a traveling solar oven, or a miniature replica of a fracking well, among other things), stop, ponder, reflect and then talk to others.



Samantha DiRosa,
5/6/2013 10:45 AM