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Connect with Commencement 2013 through social media

Whether you're on campus or away from Elon, you can use social media to interact with the university this Commencement season.

Use the hashtag #ElonGrad to share your experiences of this year's commencement and graduation ceremonies from years past.

Staying connected with your alma mater has never been easier. And this commencement season, Elon wants to interact with you and showcase your experiences.

In the days leading up to Elon's 123rd Commencement, the university will be using its social media platforms to highlight memories of years gone by. Show off pictures of things such as your oak sapling, the creative message you painted on your mortar board or that shot of you sneaking into a campus fountain for a photo while decked out in your cap and gown. Use the hashtag #ElonGrad on Twitter, Instagram and Vine to share that content or email it to Elon's social media manager, Philip Jones, at pjones16@elon.edu.

Current students and parents are encouraged to use #ElonGrad on Twitter, Instagram and Vine to highlight how they're preparing for and enjoying this year's big day, too. For instance, you can tag your favorite moments, quotes and memories of Commencement 2013 with #ElonGrad. Additionally, the hashtag will be featured in tweets and messages that contain important information about the ceremony.

Let's see your creativity! Share your great pictures and videos.

Elon will showcase the content you create - as well as pictures, videos and stories of its own - across multiple platforms. You can follow the university on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and on Vine with the handle @elonuniversity.

Philip Jones,
5/14/2013 12:00 PM