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Elon NYC alumni gather for meal and more

Communications faculty met with Elon University alumni living in New York to discuss careers and networking.

Travis Lusk '05 and Communications assistant professor Gerald Gibson

By Gerald Gibson, Communications assistant professor and Communications alumni coordinator

Several School of Communications alumni met with faculty and staff for dinner in New York to discuss their careers and the impact of their Elon course work, as well as to make connections with one another.

Communications faculty teaching in or visiting the Elon in New York City summer program were assistant professor Dan Haygood, associate professor Naeemah Clark, assistant professor and Communications Alumni Coordinator Gerald Gibson, Associate Dean Don Grady and Director of Internships and External Relations Nagatha Tonkins.

Katie Sherman, the current president of the School of Communications Alumni Network, coordinated the event that included alumni Evann Clingan (an insights analyst at 360i), Caitlin Confort (marketing coordinator for Dial Global), Samantha Emrich (research associate at Ketchum), Emily Favret (publications relations with American Express), Sean Flynn (senior account executive at Ketchum Sports & Entertainment), Emily Geigerich (community manager with "I Had Cancer"), Alexandra Johnson )photo assistant at Conde Nast Traveler), Travis Lusk (vice president of inventory at Collective) and Crista O'Neal (Mindshare). Also attending was Marshall Berringer who graduated from Elon's Interactive Media master's program in May.

The discussions ranged from the role of internships to networking and career paths to the importance of the hands-on learning that takes place at Elon.

"Doing the Transitions program in New York helped me realize that I could live here and do the kind of work I wanted to do," said Johnson, referring to the bridges program that's offered to graduates.

Clingan added that "my internships gave me the foundation that I needed to not only start my career, but to have the confidence take on the challenges and responsibilities given to me. I knew I could do it."

Elon alumni in New York met with Communications faculty to discuss the paths to their success.

Alumni also praised the instruction they received as integral to their post-grad success.

"I think that what our professors do with us in class is so important, too," O'Neal said. "I graduated knowing current technology, the latest theories, and how to present and market myself. Sometimes I struggled and was frustrated in class, but in the end it all pays off."

The role of Career Services was also cited as critical in helping them reach their current positions.

The dinner was part of an on-going effort by the Communications Alumni Network to build connections among alumni and between alumni and the School of Communications.

Colin Donohue,
8/13/2013 8:35 AM