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Haunted Trail 2013 gives brave souls a walk through Moonelon

Campus Rec offered frights and fun with its annual Haunted Trail, as participants learned about the 'Feud Over Moonelon.'

Three scarers stand at the ready to offer Haunted Trail tours.

Elon Campus Recreation celebrated Halloween with its third annual Haunted Trail, which brought together 400 students, faculty and staff over two nights for a fun celebration that featured s’mores and other refreshments, followed by a walk through the Haunted Trail.

Participants were told the "history" of the area and about the Feud Over Moonelon, and were then led by tour guides through the trail. Screams and yells were heard both nights as participants crossed through the Elon Challenge Course and encountered several different scenes depicting the feud. The interactive element of guests needing to “find the lockbox," as prompted by the tour guides, was highly acclaimed by participants, and many of the students enjoyed the candy reward inside of the box.

Campus Recreation thanks all students who participated and encourages you to keep Campus Recreation in mind for upcoming events, including the Turkey Trot on Nov. 22!





11/4/2013 5:40 PM