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Fall 2013: Fall Convocation Extra

Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak encouraged members of the Elon community to “build in an element of fun” into everything they do as part of his speech during Elon University's Fall Convocation.

Wozniak’s talk, “Fostering Creativity and Innovation in a Technical Environment,” captivated a sold-out Alumni Gym on Oct. 3 as he traced his growth from an introverted child who loved studying the “architecture” of early mainframe computers to his status as a global pioneer in personal computing. Embedded in his anecdotes were lessons that Wozniak often stopped to emphasize.

Below are some video excerpts from his talk.

When something matters to you, those are the things that push you the hardest:

The underlying mathematics of computers:

Technology is going to be the great solution to the problems of the world:

Keren Rivas,
11/6/2013 10:45 AM