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New services help with handling life and loss

Full-time Elon employees with life insurance coverage are eligible for new services offered through Lincoln Financial Group.

LifeKeys services, which are included at no additional cost with all Lincoln Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance policies, provide assistance to Elon employees, their families and beneficiaries.

EstateGuidance will preparation
Create a will online easily and economically by following a step-by-step guide through the entire process and then use online instructions to execute the will. The service allows you to name an executor to manage the estate, choose a guardian for children, specify wishes for property and provide funeral and burial instructions.

GuidanceResources Online
The service provides articles, tutorials, streaming videos and “Ask the Expert” personal responses to a variety of topics, including law and regulations; money and investments; family and relationships; health and wellness; work and education; and leisure and home.

Identity theft
Online resources help users spot the warning signs of identity theft; take steps to protect cell phone computer and tax records from fraud; lessen the damage and repair credit if identity theft occurs; and link to essential resources, such as credit reporting bureaus, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center and ID Theft Resource Center.

Beneficiary services
If diagnosed with a terminal illness, beneficiaries can receive a variety of services up to a year after a loss. The services include six in-person sessions for grief counseling, legal or financial information and unlimited phone counseling.

Assistance at a difficult time
Unlimited phone contact with master’s-level grief counselors give beneficiaries help with grief and loss; stress, anxiety and depression; memorial planning information; and concerns about children and teens.

Financial services
Certified financial specialists can help with estate planning, budgeting, debt, bankruptcy and investments.

Legal support
Legal consultants provide in-depth information, guidance and representation with estate and probate law; real estate transactions; Social Security survivor and child benefits; and important documents.

To access LifeKeys beneficiary services call 855-891-3684 or visit guidanceresources.com. First-time users can use the Web ID:LifeKeys.


Roselee Papandrea Taylor,
11/22/2013 2:10 PM