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TAIS Debrief Workshop

This is a Tier III workshop. All participants are asked to complete the online TAIS inventory before attending the TAIS Debriefing workshop, where you will receive an interpretation of your results. These results will assist in the personal change process. If you do not complete the TAIS inventory prior to the workshop you will be asked to reschedule for a later date. TAIS is a high-quality test that is provided for Tier III members free of charge, If you take the test and do not complete the debriefing workshop with Dean Waters you will be charged $40.00 due to the Center for Leadership. The TAIS inventory can be completed online and instructions can be found on Moodle. Located in Moseley 216.

Located in Moseley 216 on February 25th at 5:30 pm.

12/3/2013 4:50 PM