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Tree damages Belk Pavilion in Academic Village

The pavilion sustained significant damage when a nearby tree toppled because of ice and wind. Students, non-essential university personnel, and campus visitors are instructed to stay clear of the area.

A fallen tree in the Academic Village has caused significant damage to Belk Pavilion and much of the surrounding area has since been taped off, including Phi Beta Kappa Plaza. Students and other visitors are instructed to stay clear of the area as Elon University physical plant workers address the situation.

The tree was more than 100 years old and split due to a combination of wind and ice build-up.

Named for William Henry Belk by The Belk Foundation and his son, John Belk, the pavilion is part of Elon's Academic Village, housing the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and the General Studies Program. It does not contain student residences.

No one was injured by the collapse.



Eric Townsend,
3/7/2014 12:40 PM