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Elon Law Review publishes issue on relationship between religion and the state

Volume 6, Issue 1 of the Elon Law Review is titled, “Emerging Issues in First Amendment Jurisprudence: Interpreting the Relationship Between Religion and the State in the Modern Age.”

The issue derives from a symposium held at Elon Law in 2012 that was designed to analyze how the legal landscape has changed due to recent legal decisions, legislation and other governmental actions regarding the interplay between religion and the state, as well as to examine the impact and future of pending issues involving the interaction of government and religion in the First Amendment context.

Articles and notes in Volume Six, Issue One of the Elon Law Review are available here.

Articles include:

  • “‘Statutes of Judgment’: Capital Punishment’s Establishment Clause Problem” by Alycee Lane
  • “Experimenting with Religious Liberty: The Quasi-Constitutional Status of Religious Exemptions” by Bruce Ledewitz
  • “‘Faith, However Defined’: Reassessing JFS and the Judicial Conception of ‘Religion’” by Aaron R. Petty
  • Hosanna-Tabor, The Ministerial Exception, and Judicial Competence” by Mark Strasser
  • “Marriage Equality and One Original Principle of Religious Liberty” by Harry F. Tepker

Notes include:

  • “Toward a Stronger Economic Future for North Carolina: Precedent and the Opinions of the North Carolina Business Court” by Andrew R. Jones
  • “Groupon and Expedia: A Comparison of Two Modern Online Trends Creating a Parallel Tax Inquiry”      by Chantelle L. Lytle

More information about the Elon Law Review is available here. 

Philip Craft,
3/20/2014 11:35 AM