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Cornhole Tournament a Success

The event, which was sponsored by the event management department of Campus Recreation,  featured a total of 10 teams.  

Kaitlyn Osborne, Catherine Van Esik, and Riley Billman get ready for the Cornhole Tournament. Photo Credit: Meredith Stutz

Under the hot North Carolina sun and with the sound of country music in the background, 10 teams of Elon students competed on May 9 in the single elimination Cornhole Tournament right outside of the Campus Recreation facility.  

The winners of each match were determined by who could reach 21 points first.  Between each set of matches, the event management staff handed out free T-shirts to randomly selected participants. While the championship match drew closer, the competition increased with each toss. 

Once the semifinals came to a close, the two teams that were scheduled to play in the final match were Shabba and Holy Corn. The champion was determined after the best of three matches. Holy Corn won the first match by just a few points, providing them with the confidence for a victory in the second match, leading Holy Corn to be titled the 2014 Cornhole Tounament Champions.  

They were given the first place prize of two brand new Elon snapbacks, while Shabba was awarded the second place prize of two Dick's Sporting Goods water bottles. The tournament ended by 5 p.m., leaving all participants and staff members happy with the turnout and success of the 2014 Campus Recreation Cornhole Tournament.


5/12/2014 10:55 AM