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Turner Rouse '12 returns to NYC after two years on American Idiot International Tour

After exploring eight countries and performing various roles on tour, the Elon music theatre graduate is ready to explore other interests back home in the city while continuing his stage pursuits.

‚ÄčIt was not long after Turner Rouse had graduated from Elon that he became part of the American Idiot International Tour that visited eight countries (the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, Canada, and the United States) in two years. 

As a swing on his first year on tour, Rouse covered seven separate tracks, including a few normally played by females. In his second year, he was promoted to the ensemble, and he covered for one of the lead roles, "Will."  A very physical show, American Idiot not only kept Rouse in shape, but in his own words also “shaped me as a performer and allowed me to learn about myself and the world”. 

After the excitement of a world tour, Rouse has carried that sense of opportunity with him in moving back to New York City. While working a temporary job, and auditioning for new performance opportunities, Rouse is also pursuing entrepreneurial work in fashion/editorial photography, as well as electronic dance music production.

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Catherine McNeela,
7/23/2014 11:30 AM