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Lumen Scholars publish a biochemistry paper

Senior biochemistry majors and Lumen Scholars Taylor Davis and Tom Lampl had a manuscript about their research accepted for publication in the Journal of Visual Experimentation. 

Elon senior biochemistry majors Taylor Davis and Thomas Lampl

Taylor Davis and Tom Lampl are senior biochemistry majors and lumen scholars conducting research with mentor Assistant Professor Vickie Moore in the Department of Chemistry.

Davis, who is also an Honors Fellow, has been working wtih Moore since her sophomore year, studying changes to BCL-2 proteins during heart development. Lampl has been investigating changes to mitochondria that lead to kidney damage during severe infection. 

A manuscript detailing methods developed by Moore's lab was accepted in August for publication in the Journal of Visual Experimentation, a peer-reviewed journal that publishes both a paper manuscript as well as a video on scientific topics. A film crew will come to campus during the 2014 fall semester to capture the researchers performing the experiments detailed in their paper. 

Vickie Moore,
9/2/2014 8:55 PM