Sample Special Education schedule

Summer I—Graduate Core

  • Session 1: Advanced Psychological Theory in the Classroom
  • Session 2: Instructional Technology in the Classroom

Fall I—Online

  • Educational Research

Spring I—Online

  • Educational Assessment and Evaluation

Summer II—Specialty Core

  • Session 1: Language and Literacy Methods in Special Education
  • Session 1: Advanced Masters Seminar II
  • Session 2: Curriculum & Instructional Design in Special Education

Fall II—Online

  • Foundations of Special Education

Spring II—Online

  • Classroom Management for Exceptional Learners

Summer III—Concluding Professional Experiences

  • Session 1: Studies in International Education (Costa Rica) 
  • Session 1: Advanced Masters Seminar III
  • Session 2: Consultation & Collaboration Skills with Internship Special Education section


Literature for Children & Youth: Analysis & Application
Mathematical Concepts and Connections
Integrated Science