Student Learning Outcomes for Elon’s M.Ed.

Theme One: Innovative/Progressive Pedagogies and Student Learning

  • Study principles of innovative/progressive pedagogies with an emphasis on student learning, voice, equity, and agency.
  • Evaluate and apply theory and research within the progressive pedagogies.
  • Construct a learning environment that emphasizes the importance of social justice, diversity, and inclusion.

Theme Two: Foundations of Progressive Pedagogies

  • Examine the history, theory, and research of progressive pedagogies
  • Articulate a stance and advocate for innovative/progressive pedagogies that enable socially just teaching and   meet the needs of all learning.
  • Explain merits and challenges for progressive pedagogical approaches

Theme Three: Professional Practice

  •  Use assessment, evaluation, and research to solve authentic problems.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the following areas of professional practice:
    a. Teacher Leadership
    b. Respectful educational environments
    c. Content and curriculum expertise
    d. Student learning
    e. Reflection
  • Design and facilitate a supportive learning environment grounded in progressive theories of teaching and learning