Internships: Experiential Education

The mission of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business is to provide exceptional learning opportunities that facilitate the transformation of students into knowledgeable, responsible business professionals and leaders who make a difference in their professions, their organizations and the global economy.

All business majors (except for economics and international economics) are required to register an internship for academic credit to satisfy their graduation requirement - business ELR. Registered/supervised internships provide students with a high-quality intellectual and pre-professional experience that will prepare them for their future roles in business enterprises. Internship opportunities are sought with a focus on specific career objectives.

Looking for an internship?

If you would like help finding an internship, please call 336.278.6064 or stop in KoBC 106 to make an appointment with a career advisor. Come to your appointment prepared by:

  • Developing a list of contacts to utilize.
  • Completing your Elon Job Network (EJN) Profile.
  • Drafting your resume and bringing a hard copy to be reviewed by your advisor.
  • Regularly checking the EJN for company information sessions/career events, job/internship postings and mentors/possible contacts.

Already have an internship?

Report your internship to the Love School of Business by completing the LSB Internship Survey.

If you have secured an internship and would like to satisfy your business ELR requirement with this internship, you will need to complete the following steps to earn your internship academic credit:

  • Research your internship and make sure it will meet the following requirements:
    • You will work a minimum of 80 hours total (80 work hours are required per credit hour)
    • Your supervisor(s) is/are not a relative or close friend
    • You will work at the appointed internship site, not virtually or in a private residence
  • Attend one of the required Internship Orientation sessions to discuss your new internship opportunity and get it approved before you are eligible to register your internship for academic credit; for orientation information, regularly check the LSB Newsletter for dates, times and locations or call 336.278.6064.
  • Upon approval, the director of internships will provide you with:
    • The course syllabus
    • Memorandum of Agreement
    • Directions to register on the Elon Job Network.
    • (EJN: Log on to the Elon Job Network and click “Register for Internship Credit”)
  • After you have entered your information into EJN look for your tuition bill in OnTrack and pay by the Bursar’s deadline (failure to do so will result in being dropped from the course)

You are now ready to begin the BUS 381/ACC 481 course, which will be on your Moodle site.