Focus on three critical areas as you build the skills needed to manage supply and demand and create value for your customers. In the professional selling focus you will develop core skills in selling and sales management, which help generate demand. The supply chain management focus will help you gain knowledge of marketing channels and operational methodologies that manage the supply of goods and services to meet demand. The consumer analytics focus will teach you to gather and analyze customer intelligence using market research and consumer analytics.

Whether you want to work for a for-profit or non-profit organization, our marketing faculty will engage and guide you through the marketing process so that you can have a successful marketing career.


Participate in market research projects for local organizations.

Learn search engine optimization through the Google Online Marketing Challenge and attain Google AdWords certification.

Gain extensive knowledge of IBM’s SPSS statistical software for market research.

Engage in sales role play simulations using the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center and participate in national sales competitions. Elon’s sales program was named a “Top University Program for 2016” by the Sales Education Foundation.

Network with recruiters at the Sales Meet and Greet.


Marketing majors are required to complete at least one internship for academic credit. Examples of internships students have completed include logistics for Prada, marketing and promotions for NBC Sports, search marketing for Ebay Enterprise Marketing Solutions, market research for Bose Corporation and account management for BBDO.

Graduation Outcomes

A degree in marketing provides a multitude of opportunities in a diverse selection of professions. A few of the many job opportunities available to individuals with a marketing degree include purchasing agent, salesperson, account representative, brand manager and marketing researcher. Elon Marketing alumni work for employers such as ADP, Hershey Company, Proctor & Gamble and H.J. Heinz.