World Languages

Learning another language encourages engagement with other cultures and enhances one’s ability to participate meaningfully in local, national, and international settings.  Advanced proficiency in a second language also deepens one’s understanding of multiple worldviews and historical perspectives.  Elon’s language requirement represents the first step towards acquiring the level of proficiency that the Department of World Languages and Cultures provides.  Courses offered help students: engage with and understand other cultures, both contemporary and historical; grasp the interaction between language and culture;  advance critical, analytical and writing skills; and develop sufficient proficiency in a second language to interact on a professional level with people who speak that language.

To fulfill the requirement, students must meet one of the following:  1.  Complete a language course numbered 122 or higher at Elon, or receive transfer or study abroad credit for the same;  2.  Place into a language course numbered 200 or above upon arriving at Elon, using a Department of World Languages and Cultures approved placement instrument;  3.  Score 4 or 5 on an AP language exam or similar exam.

In order to ensure consistent treatment of all students, each student must take the language placement test by October 1 of their first full year at Elon. Students are allowed two tries; the higher score is counted. That score stands and may not be replaced by later testing.

Note:  Completion of a 221-level course (or equivalent) is required for induction into Phi Beta Kappa.