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Elon Academy Amabassadors

During the 2012/13 Academic Year, the Elon Academy Ambassadors traveled to Newlin Elementary where Classroom Visit Teams of Elon Academy Scholars visited all of Newlin's 4th Grade Classrooms.  While there, EA Scholars led a 45-minute lesson on college access that they designed themselves.  The Elon Academy Ambassadors provided the "Top Facts" elementary students should know about college, read Anne Aldridge-Webb's books "Appalachian A to Z" and "Carolina A to Z" to the highly engaged 4th grade students, and held a college Q&A with the 4th graders. 

The following week, our Elon Academy Ambassadors returned to Newlin Elementary where they conducted a "College Fair" for all 4th graders.  The "College Fair" took place in the Newlin Media Center.  The Elon Academy Ambassadors had each selected a college or university to research.  Using this research, they created colorful and informative tri-fold displays.  The Newlin students spent 45-minutes rotating through the college fair as they each strove to find all of the information needed to complete a "college knowledge" scavenger hunt.  Those 4th graders who successfully found all of the information asked for in the scavenger hunt were rewarded with some cool "college gear" to sport as a testimony to their newfound college passion!